- Cracked screens (most common repair):


- Liquid damage (water damage):

We can take your device into pieces to inspect how badly the components are damaged and replace damaged parts if the phone is fixable. If we are not able to fix your device, you can pick it up next day and you dont' have to pay anything for having a look at it. NO FIX = NO CHARGE POLICY.


- Charging dock:

If your phone will not connect to the computer or will no longer charge than you need to get the charging dock replaced.


- Battery replacement:

 Batteries that do not hold a charge or takes a long time to charge.


- Home / Lock button repairs:

If your "Home button" or "Lock button" works intermitently or does not work at all, we can replace it for you. From the Iphone 5s and upwards (all Iphones with touch ID) the ID will no longer work, it will be back to being a normal home button.


-Replacement Headphone Jack, Volume  or Mute button:

If you try to listen to music through your headphones and you can't hear anything or you can't put your volume up and down than you need to get it fixed/replaced. 


- Microphone repairs:

If your caller cannot hear you that means your microphone stopped working and it needs to be replaced.


-  Replacement ear piece and speaker:

If you cannot hear a caller, you need to get your phones  ear piece replaced. If your speaker stopped  working or sounds are distorted than probably the speaker needs to be replaced.



If your mobile phone is locked to one network and you get "INVALID SIM CARD", "PHONE RESTRICTED", "ENTER NETWORK LOCK CODE",  "ENTER NCK" or similar when you insert another sim card from a diferent network that means  your  phone will need to be unlocked. Will allow you to use your phone abroard and also open up your phone to all networks worldwide.



Flashing a phone means to upgrade the firmware within the device. Includes bug fixes and any other softwear issues you may have. This will also restore your phone back to factory settings.



- Screen repairs

We are able to suply screen from most brands (ACER, APPLE, ASUS, DELL, HP, PACKAR BELL, HP, etc)

Laptops are fragile with a delicate system and screen damage is the most common repair. Most laptop screens can be ruined easily and there are many ways that a screen can stop working, but, the good  news is that you don't have to spend a fortune buying a new one.

We can replace the screen on your laptop wheter it is LED or LCD screen.



- Virus removal

Viruses are often created specifically to take control of your computer.

If you are having problems with your laptop getting slower day by day, getting annoying pop-ups when browsing the web, your laptop is got a “blue screen” with lots of error messages or just lock-ups, crashes or freezes up: it is highly likely that your system is infected with viruses.

We are here to get your laptop sorted. Usually all your data is safe and your system only needs to be thoroughly cleaned by our standard software and tools.


- Power jack repairs

Symptoms of a broken socket  can be that your laptop battery will not charge, frequently changes from battery to Ac power , your flickers while charging or will not power up at all.

Also the laptops power socket  can be loose or broken.

We can repair your laptops power socket and solve laptop charging problems for most laptop manufacturers.





*Our services are outstanding and all work is carried out by high skilled and experienced engineers. All of our replacement screens are of an impeccable quality so you can be sure getting the best 


-Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individual attention and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our qualified staff looks forward to serving you!

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